Roscoe’s Nose Knows Your Soul…

by | Feb 13, 2023

Roscoe’s life style…

His mischievous days are pretty much over. Sleep, sleep, eat, pee, poop, sleep. Repeat! Except for…

“The Rope Game!”

The Rope Game with Pops…

According to my friend, Steve, Roscoe wakes around 3pm from a long nap. Executes plan A above. At 945pm he will start telling us it is bedtime! His soft bark orders the TV to be turned off, the lights out and everyone must be in the same room. Sounds like boot camp to me.

Your furry loved one is indeed in charge. I don’t know anyone who thinks otherwise, unless you are in denial. Roscoe is no exception, and maybe even more so.

My friend and neighbor, Steve Kelley, is Roscoe’s Pops. When I first met Roscoe, he put his nose on my hand first, then led me to his favorite couch. I thought that was nice until he pushed me onto the soft couch, then pounced on my lap.

Roscoe weighs over 100lbs, I must mention. He proceeded to lick my entire face as if I were a lost friend or cousin he hadn’t seen in years. That’s when I concluded that Roscoe’s nose knows my heart and soul.

I was afraid to move him because he seemed so content, but my body couldn’t stand this big dude much longer. At Steve’s command, Roscoe licked my face and jumped off my lap. What a relief!

While observing and getting to know Roscoe, I couldn’t help loving him for his charm and kindness to me. I bet Steve told him that he should behave when I came for a visit the first time.

Is the Rottweiler a pal for you?

It’s hard to say. For me, Roscoe, is a nice new friend to hang with, but not to adopt as my own. You have to be willing to give up your life a bit when a Rottweiler comes into your life, because this breed takes over.

Roscoe’s little sister, KaDee, seems to keep him grounded a bit. I watched her nibble her big bro’s foot when she wants to get some attention. He backs off right away, allowing his sissy to emerge for a little rub on her back, a cuddle and a treat.

KaDee Jo Von Kelley Sweet Valentine, is her AKC Registered name. Pictured with Steve Kelley

I’m anxious to play the rope game with Roscoe during my next visit. But, sitting on my lap is out. I’ll take all the slobbering kisses, though. Who does that to show their love for you?

Most of all, I believe adopting a furry loved one, that fits your life style and needs, even with challenges, can be a very special life experience. Their love and devotion to you and your family can’t be matched, in my view. Ask anyone who enjoys the friendship of a special pet. Most will tell you the same.

“When you choose a pet, you accept responsibility for the health and welfare of another living thing. You’re making a promise to care for your pet for his/her entire life. You also become responsible for your pet’s impact on your family, friends and community.”

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