Road to Mono Lake and Tioga Pass

by | Sep 20, 2012

When we arrived at Mono Lake en-route to Tonopah. Nevada, it was dusk.  There was still enough light to stop and have a look see.  At this point we were in the vicinity of Yosemite National Park to the east.  Our travels will take us to Las Vegas via Tonopah, then on to Mesquite, Nevada close to Zion National Park.  Mono Lake and the surrounding area is very unique and beautiful high desert area.  The websites and information below will provide more detail for your review, and to contemplate your own visit, if you have not already traveled to this area.  The photos on the 2nd website really provide a full appreciation of Mono Lake’s various presentations depending on what time of the year or time of day.  We stayed awhile, then got on 120 east to Tonopah.  Tioga Pass was a surprise because we expected a desert but drove through a beautiful well managed pine forest that appeared to be sculpted by nature and clear of any sign of underbrush.  The winds really kick up around here so we observed from the warning signs.  We finally made it to Tonopah, an old silver mining town half way to Las Vegas about 9:30pm on evening of  September 17, 2012.  Judy and I really like the freedom of travel so far without any real schedule to follow or need to think about returning home anytime soon.  The adventure and romance is just beginning…  The feeling of peace and freedom is ever present…

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

P.S.  Judy took some gorgeous photos of sunset along the way…

Tiogo Pass Sunset Sept17th by Judy Sparks

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