Red Rock Canyon Spirits Speak To Me…

by | Jun 6, 2022

Red Rock Canyon spirits speak to me…

Bill Starmer, Red Rock Canyon Docent
Judy at the Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center
Judy Sparks

Feeling connected & making new friends…

I walked into the Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center and was greeted by Bill Starmer. He’s a Docent with a happy smile that made me feel welcome. I love happy faces too.

As I walked to the viewing area to observe the beauty of Red Rock Canyon and maybe learn something new, my cane fell to the floor as it does often without notice. But this time it was different. Bill Starmer came up and asked me, “you okay?”

Bill must have saw me move slowly back to the viewing area with my cane. I could tell he had empathy and compassion for an old dude challenged a tad. I was so grateful for his vigilance and kindness to me, we became fast friends.

Bill and I struck up a conversation about this spiritual place that makes souls feel whole, and no doubt most folks who visit. I told Bill we visited here the first time last October 2021 and wrote about our spiritual connection then, including filming Youtube clips narrated by Judy ‘n me.

The beauty of the canyon and a deep feeling of peace fell upon me, as I thought about life in this place around 5000BCE.

Paleo-Indians hunting a glyptodont
Heinrich Harder (1858–1935), c.1920.
The Lithic peoples or Paleo-Indians are the earliest-known settlers of the Americas. The period’s name derives from the appearance of “lithic flaked” stone tools.

Thanks to Bill Starmer, and his kindness, our afternoon at Red Rock Canyon was extra special. The best part was making a new friend and a kindred spirit to stay in touch with. Of course, it was the Paleo American Indian spirits of long ago bringing us together, by no coincidence.

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