Re-elect Lincoln County Oregon Commissioner Claire Hall! Experience, passion, commitment…

by | Apr 26, 2020

Lincoln County Oregon Commissioner Claire Hall

I can say with a high level of confidence from my own professional experience working with Commissioner Hall for many years in our County and region that she works harder than anyone I’ve ever known. She knows how to make things happen and empowers others, like me, to execute.

We desperately need her wisdom, compassion, executive leadership and full time commitment, especially now during the COVID19 pandemic.

We wouldn’t be where we are in Lincoln County if Commissioner Hall had not pulled out all the stops during her tenure to bring community partners and stakeholders together in strengthening community based organizations to serve the most vulnerable population.

As a result of Commissioner Hall’s steadfast leadership, we are much better prepared to lead as a County. We increased capacity in recent years to provide community based mental health and peer support services to the most vulnerable citizens. In this way we are able to provide a comprehensive continuum of care to the most vulnerable population, the highest users health care services.

We accomplished this in partnership with Samaritan Health Services, Lincoln County Health and Human Services, Sheriff Curtis Landers, Community Justice, Courts and other critical community partners.

Most importantly and critically, we need to be mindful as citizens of the value of experience during a time of national public health and economic crises. From my own direct experience, Commissioner Hall knows how to navigate the complex landscape of County and State government, and execute effectively. We need Claire at the helm!

Re-elect Commissioner Claire Elizabeth Hall! Experience, passion and commitment!

Steve Sparks
Sparks Associates

Steve Sparks, Community Building/Business Transformation….”Bulding Healthy Communities w/Love”

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