Rare opportunity to engage in PTSD research with your own questions and experience…

by | Jun 22, 2013

Michele Rosenthal

Michele Rosenthal…”Heal My PTSD…”  click on this website and learn more…ask your own questions…

  • I have been collaborating and supporting the work of Michele Rosenthal. Michele focuses on the broader challenges of trauma treatment and recovery. The breadth and depth of her work goes well beyond trauma connected with military families and combat stress. I believe the more we learn about “life after trauma” in a broader context and engage in conversation, we have a much better chance to find a path to healing that fits. Each person is different, and the circumstances of trauma are different. I personally struggle with many questions, and the list is getting larger through my own work www.livingwithptsd-sparkles.blogspot.com. If those who follow my work, friends and family included, are inclined to participate, please click on the site below. You can even leave a private messages on FB for Michele. Awareness has always been the focus of my work as the first step toward healing. Please take advantage of this rare opportunity. Learn more about the work of Michele Rosenthal….

    I’m partnering with a trauma treatment center to help raise awareness about PTSD. This gives me access to over 30 trauma professionals trained in various aspects of treatment. What questions would you like to hear them answer?
Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story  click to order my book or download Kindle version…

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