PTSDchat Talk Radio Interview…Erundina Lopez, Cast Member “Buried Above Ground”

by | Jul 2, 2016


Click here…for #PTSDchat Talk Radio Interview with Steve Sparks and Erundina Lopez… Click here for more about the film, Buried Above Ground…


Erundina Lopez, Cast Member, and Survivor of Domestic Abuse, Buried Above Ground…

Steve Sparks Interview with Erundina Lopez… A very real discussion on the strength and faith of a trauma survivor…love and hope at the center of healing and returning to a productive and rewarding life… Click the podcast here… There is a short technical delay before the podcast interview starts, so please be just a little bit patient.  Thank you!


The first time I met Erun Lopez was while watching this heartbreaking account of her sometimes hopeless journey to find a path of healing after a life long struggle living with post-trauma stress.  Erun left home at age 14 to escape a violent and abusive home life plagued by the ignorance and total breakdown of communications among family members that often takes shape in a toxic home.  Before the interview, I spoke to her on the phone and messaged with her for two days.  I felt like her brother, dear friend and kindred spirit before the interview on Wednesday evening June 29, 2016.  Erun’s story of surviving, thriving and healing from a life of post trauma emotional pain finally takes her to a place of deep empathy, compassion, forgiveness and love at age 53.  Erun is a beautiful person with so much love and so much to give others who need to know that there is hope, even under some of the toughest circumstances you can imagine. Erun now survives and thrives with an eloquent and articulate voice that goes straight to your heart and soul.

It was a honor for me to be asked to host the #PTSDchat Talk Radio Show this last Wednesday evening.  Please take a listen to this powerful interview that will touch your heart deeply.

Steve Sparks, Author, Reconciliation: A Son’s Story and My Journey of Healing in Life After Trauma, Part 1&2… Click the highlighted text for


Steve Sparks, Author, Blogger, Child Advocate, and member, Lincoln County Oregon, Mental Health Advisory Committee (MHAC)


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