PTSD & Addiction Can be Treated at The Same Time!

by | Aug 19, 2012  Quote from this site…

“Researchers found that using exposure therapy — the gold-standard treatment for PTSD, which involves exposure to memories and reminders of patients’ past trauma — can successfully reduce symptoms of PTSD, even when people with addiction continue to use drugs. And, although exposure therapy requires patients to face some of their worst fears, it does not increase their drug use or prompt them to drop out of treatment more than ordinary addiction therapy, the study found.”

The topic of addiction and substance abuse treatment co-occurring with PTSD therapy continues to be a big question on the minds of most who are challenged with the effects of severe trauma, particularly combat veterans.  Several similar questions came up at my book signing event at the Grass Roots Book Store in Corvallis, Oregon yesterday.  Now with the above link we are learning that it is certainly safe to treat both conditions at the same time.  I did not know there was a question until reading the Time Healthland article in the above link.  My own personal experience has been treating both at the same time.  But do know that it was a high priority for me and my physicians to stop substance abuse in order to effectively make progress with PTSD treatments.  Alcohol, pain killers, and other narcotics just do not mix well to say the least!  Once weaning away from both alcohol and pain killers, medications for PTSD worked so much better, and mental health therapy treatments started to take hold.  Please be guided by the overwhelming research and advice on this subject from both your primary care physicians and mental health professionals… 

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