Prim Spoke To Me Today…

by | Jun 5, 2022

Liam loves exploring & experiencing healthy delights to treasure…

Prim keeps her eyes glued to her little bro Liam…

A long journey

After a long journey from Depoe Bay, with a few stops along the way, we finally made it to Las Vegas. This would be the best part of this journey back home to be with Sarah, Chris ‘n Liam, and, of course, Prim, who rules the roost in this home.

Prim is best as the resident healer. She ‘n Liam team up to help make a better day for Mom ‘n Dad, and, maybe us for awhile.

Judy helped me into the house, while my old tired hind end was mostly dragging the floor, Prim was standing there to greet us first. It was clear, by her piercing stare, with a left eye that dared, we must stand there for a moment for inspection. Prim would sign off first to let us in.

Finding Pop’s place

First thing Pops needed to do was to find the most comfortable chair in the house, usually reserved for Pops. As I fell softly into the cozy chair, while Sarah handed me a favorite blankie, Prim would have none of it, Her piercing stare and dirty look indicated so.

As I sat there quietly, in that moment, Prim paced back ‘n forth, with a quick stop to stare at me with her left eye that spoke to me. I could hear her say, “gee wiz, Pops, you can’t just barge in like ya own the place. That’s my chair, and the blankie too.”

Friends forever, Prim ‘n me…

The following morning I got up before Prim, she sleeps in. I put her blankie neatly folded on top of her chair. I found an ‘easy chair’ a short distance away.

When Prim came around the hallway corner, she stopped to stare at me again. But this time it was different, Prim didn’t give me a dirty look. She smiled, wagged her tongue with joy.

She walked over to me, sniffed my shoes, looked up and winked at me with a left eye that dared, a sign of friendship and gratitude.

Friends forever now, Prim ‘n me.

We say, “so long, not goodbye.”

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