Prayers for healing and peace of mind often come from the love of man’s best friend…

by | Jan 1, 2015


Click this heartwarming video clip…highlighted text…“My kids grew up afraid of me!”

Dog Wish…Transforming Lives!  Quote from this website article…

“A Dog Wish Service Dog is specifically trained to produce resolution and relief for someone diagnosed with Anxiety disorders and disabilities.Psychologists and Therapists are great at helping us to understand why we feel and experience these horrific things, but when it comes to resolution they either resort to pharmaceutical drugs or prolonged therapies that are only partially successful.”


One of the most important awareness factors discovered during my own journey of healing in life after trauma, is alternative treatment strategies…  The major benefit is these treatments are all natural, pick your passion and motivation.  These many treatment approaches offer long term healing and peace of mind without the use of self medications like alcohol or prescription drugs.  We have learned overtime that although chemical treatments may provide near term relief for the very sick…sustainable treatment comes with a mindfulness approach…  Adopting a trained service dog is one of the best examples of a mindful act of compassion and human connectedness with an animal that has far reaching healing benefits.  We often agree that unconditional love from your pet companion is the secret to receiving the optimum results in healing from a traumatic life experience or event.

For my PTSD treatment needs and success so far, writing and publishing my book in 2011 and starting this blog have provided a work in progress strategy that gives me peace of mind never before achieved during most of my adult life.  I was interviewed some months ago on Debbie Sprague’s (click highlighted text) Family of a Vet radio program about the healing power of writing with a passion.  My interview with Debbie is well worth a listen.  Debbie Sprague is very good at bringing out the best with her natural style of interviewing.  Also click on Family of a Vet website for more information on PTSD healing treatments and stories from trauma survivors.

It would be great to hear from my friends and followers on your own experiences in finding successful alternative treatment strategies in life after trauma.  Be calm, be well, and practice living in the moment…

Steve Sparks, Author, Reconciliation: A Son’s Story and My Journey of Healing in Life After Trauma, Part 1…  Click on highlighted text for my author page…


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