Post-Trauma Personal Growth…Finding Our Way…

by | Jan 4, 2016

Cheerful man in nature arms outstretched for positive emotion

Cheerful man in nature arms outstretched for positive emotion…

Winning After Hard Times…Post-Trauma Growth… Quote from this website article by Carolyn Gregoire Senior Health & Science Writer, The Huffington Post

Life After Trauma

So how is it that out of suffering we can come to not only return to our baseline state but to deeply improve our lives? And why are some people crushed by trauma, while others thrive? Tedeschi and Calhoun explain that post-traumatic growth, in whatever form it takes, can be “an experience of improvement that is for some persons, deeply profound.”


My experience with post-trauma personal growth has been “deeply profound” as suggested in the referenced article.  It is possible through awareness, mindfulness, and alternative treatments, one does walk and run on the trail to healing.  But staying on the path to healing is a challenging work in progress, at least for me.  Setbacks are part of the forward progress and lifelong endeavor.  With each day, weeks, months and years since beginning my own recovery, there have been bumps in the road that can be painful, but also fuel the healing process with a lessons learned attitude.  Each of us as trauma survivors find our own unique way or form of healing.  Everyone has different life events and circumstances that give each of us a unique perspective.  But what has been most beneficial to me in healing from experiencing severe trauma, especially as a child and young adult, is to first, forgive yourself; and second, forgive others!  Once this happens you free yourself to find your own special and unique path to lasting peace of mind.  Resilience then becomes a key factor as you thrive in life after trauma.

My books and those of others, including blog reference articles, on the topic of post-traumatic stress (PTS) can be extremely helpful in self-discovery and awareness.  Writing books and this blog represents my own personal treatment strategy to not only understand the roots of PTS symptoms and behaviors, but also provides a healthy perspective, allowing me a comfortable way to heal emotional wounds of the past.

Steve Sparks, Author, Reconciliation: A Son’s Story and My Journey of Healing in Life After Trauma, Part 1&2… Click the highlighted text for my author page and to order e-books and paperback edition.


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