Painful but healing memories of childhood in a post WWII home… We did not even understand the anger and violence as kids…but carried the baggage forward…

by | Jun 25, 2013

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PTSD affects the children of combat veterans… Learn more about how secondary PTSD can affect your family… Click on this highly informative video news clip…  Quoting from the story on this website…

“She is one of an unknown number of people (post WWII children of parents with PTSD) who’ve developed PTSD symptoms and triggers similar to their parents’….”

“I don’t think we measure that,” explained Dr. Deirdre Golden, the director of behavioral health at North Point Health and Wellness Center in Minneapolis. “In fact, there’s not a lot of measurement that goes on studying PTSD in children, period.”


It used to be crushing for me to revisit my childhood living in a home with a parent who suffered severely from extended combat duty during WWII and Korean War.  This particular story, especially the video clip,, is still painful to hear.  But it is far better for me and countless others who suffer from secondary PTSD, to have revisited the pain, and started the journey of healing.  Denial does not work!  The baggage carries forward and hangs on like bad genes.  Awareness is the first step to healing and building a healthy, happy, and productive life…  It is never too late!

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