Nurture your child’s social and emotional growth… Support local community after-school programs…

by | May 20, 2013

from One Tough…

Five ways to keep your family happy and strong…  Quoting this website…

Nurture your child’s social and emotional growth. Make sure that your children know that they are loved and respected, that they can talk about their feelings, and that you can help them work through any challenges that they may face.

  • Listen to your child and encourage her to express how she feels. Help your child problem solve by allowing her to make suggestions and think through problems she may encounter.
  • Show your love. Small, simple gestures everyday are the best ways to show your child you love him. For ten easy ways to show your child you love them click here.


The above parent resource website got my attention!  I know from my own childhood experience that it takes a lifetime to climb out of the hole from bad experiences while growing up.  I really didn’t feel loved and respected by my parents.  It was more like being a machine or a commodity than anything else during my childhood.  It took me many years of mentoring outside of the home, education, a successful career experience, and most importantly… the best wife in the world, to find my voice and stand my ground as a confident young man who was going places…  It is hard, almost too hard to think about.  But as a survivor, it was worth it because there really was no other choice.  Children are so blessed when they have parents who show how much they love and respect you as a little person who needs a kick-start in life.  Don’t let your child work harder later to build self confidence, start early…  Empower kids with a positive home life and encourage them to make a difference in the lives of others…

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