New brain scan offers hope for PTSD, Depression – broadcast 1/18/13 Fox News…

by | Apr 27, 2013


How do you treat invisible wounds? Central Nervous System Scan…90% accuracy in recommending correct medications!  Click to watch this groundbreaking news report…


The thought of changing anti-depression medications for any reason is dreadful!  I know from personal experience.  Just a little over a year ago, I launched into an experiment with several different medications under my physicians supervision.  No one can really tell you with any kind of accuracy what works or doesn’t work.  All I know is that during the “experimentation” process I had psychotic episodes and became highly anxious and uncomfortable.  For a week or so I stayed close to home.  If we did go out somewhere it was important for me to not drive and to stick close to my wife, Judy.  Otherwise, my mind would wonder off to bad and less than happy places.  Crowds were especially troublesome.  It was consequently determined that what was needed was an increase in dosage on my current medication.  Since then, I have been very stable and feel normal most of the time.  It turns out that after a time it becomes necessary, according to my physician, to increase the dosage as the body gets used to a particular medication.  At least in my case, this is how it has worked up to now.  But I would prefer not to be on any medications, let alone thinking about increasing the dosage.  The side effects are not welcome in any case.  My search continues to find a more balanced and healthier alternative treatment.

The idea of a brain scan procedure is exciting to think about.  I am definitely going to follow-up on the opportunity to isolate my specific brain patterns with the goal of finding a better solution.  It is encouraging to see medical science continue to advance to help those who suffer from the symptoms of PTSD or depression.  I would not recommend making any changes in treatment without the guidance of a mental health professional and your primary care physician…

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