Never feel alone with the experience of “intense family dysfunction” – comments from a friend and fan of my book…

by | Aug 31, 2012

Dear Steve-

I have read your courageous memoir about growing up in an abusive household–and cringed and cheered, because I did as well–and planned to be at the book club today to hear you and Judy discuss it. Unfortunately, I have a 1:45 appointment in Newport, and have been told it will last much longer than I thought, so I will not be back here until sometime after 4pm–or later.

Anyway, I want you to know that I admire you greatly for writing as you did–being so honest and forthright about your painful family experiences! The good news is that you used them to grow and to heal. I think you are an inspiration for everybody who has struggled with intense family dysfunction–which I am beginning to think is many more of us than I ever thought!

Peace and health-


I felt alone on the subject of “intense family dysfunction” when first researching and writing my book.  In fact, I set out to write a letter to my family to better explain my behaviors over the years with the goal to apologize, and make peace with my past growing up in a post WWII toxic home.  I am a strong believer that making peace with the past is a way to make peace with the present.  And it works!  My life today at age 66 is happier than it has been for the better part of my entire life.  I am no longer angry with my father and family as a whole.  My work in spreading the word on PTSD awareness is healing and helping countless others every day through my book and blog.  Managing and mitigating the symptoms of PTSD and moral injury has become much less challenging with a high level of knowledge about the subject and how to go about finding appropriate treatment alternatives.  Living and coping with PTSD effectively has more to do with making a difference and helping others each day than being focused on my own condition. 

Each day is also a blessing to spend precious time with my wife and soul-mate Judy, now officially retired from her own career in early childhood education.  We are getting ready for an extended road trip to celebrate freedom together for the first time.  Once we are on our way discovering new places and experiencing the adventure that comes with travel, I will share our stories on the road in this blog with website references, photos, and comments of what we learn, including all the fun.  I want to invite all of you along with Judy and me on our trip at your convenience when you have a moment to check in with us on this website.  Sharing our travels and reading your comments along the way, will make our adventure all the more meaningful and joyful..

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

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