Neighbors for Kids (NFK) 1st Annual Fall “Round-up” Music event a great success! The Hanson Family Singers were fabulous! We are especially proud of the NFK teen band and our music program…

by | Oct 13, 2013

“WOW…..what a big success we enjoyed last night at our 1st annual NFK Fall Music Event.  Our NFK teen band was so polished and sounded so amazing. The community embraced our cause and needs and we had a very respectable audience of more than 50 people.  The Hanson Family singers were  talented, warm and comfortable for all to enjoy and so well received.  The venue at Eden Hall was perfect size and very comfortable and welcoming for our attendees.  I surveyed the room continually and everyone was having a fun time and enjoying our event.
In the end we had a tremendously successful event and now we have a second fundraiser to add to the golf tournament and we can continue to build both events to high levels of effectiveness.
So thank you to our wonderful NFK staff, board members, our kids, volunteers and supporters. Truly uplifting to bring such a great event out of the ground this year!  We made a serious investment into our future with this year’s effort and we will enjoy the benefits in the coming years! Thank you to all!  Bob”
PS….WOW again
The NFK Board, staff, and volunteers were a tad anxious leading up to this exciting event last night at Eden Hall in Gleneden Beach, Oregon.  We often thought and said, “what if no one shows up?”  Last minute details and a few glitches fueled the focus needed to pull this off.  Neighbors for Kids is an entrepreneurial team thriving because we have been making it happen for the kids and our community for 12 years.  I couldn’t be more proud to be part of this outstanding non-profit organization in Lincoln County Oregon!  
Steve Sparks
Vice Chair
Depoe Bay, Oregon  click to see images… 

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