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by | Sep 26, 2022

Learning from the past…

Image: Cahokia, among the most sophisticated cities in the world.


“There never was a frontier in what we call the United States of America and hundreds of indigenous nations occupied the whole hemisphere for tens of thousands of years. Their cities were as large or larger than any European city and the people were highly skilled in astronomy, geography, language and math.

There were no savages and Manifest Destiny led to one of the largest holocausts known to mankind, 70-100 million. The notorious Doctrine of Discovery gave Europeans a right to place their banner in the ground and declare the land in the name of god.

A frontier never existed and “civilized” or “civilization” was used to describe Europeans. These people here were far advanced in proper balance with Mother Earth, Father Sky and Fire, breath of Earth. It was unacceptable what the new comers did.

The white man simply invaded a well populated hemisphere and attempted to wipe out the culture and people. Think where you walk. Each step take notice. This is Indigenous Land.”

BAL209236 Columbus at Hispaniola, from ‘The Narrative and Critical History of America’, edited by Justin Winsor, London, 1886 (engraving) (later colouration) by Bry, Theodore de (1528-98) (after); Private Collection; (add. info.: in Columbus and his discoveries); Flemish, out of copyright

Genocide is never justified!

I do believe now in these later years of my life that the white man invaded the “New World.” And, overtime committed gradual ‘genocide’ against indigenous tribes all over America.

We know now that Christians, especially the Catholic Church in that time, believed they were saving Native Americans from living in sin. I believe there were reasons other than following Christ and saving souls, especially profiting from Native American innovations and discoveries.

This notion says to me that the motivation of Europeans who discovered America was more about advancing the cause of capitalism and in building a sustainable culture similar to Europe. Natives were “in the way,” I believe. We raped and pillaged their land to be sure.

“Enemies of Christ

It is my belief that indigenous people who lived and thrived in North America for thousands of years before we arrived. They were stewards of God, not enemies. They were hunters and gatherers who built their own sustainable communities with love over centuries before Europeans arrived in the 15th Century.

Natives were, in my view, closer to God than the white man pretended to be. These peoples were true stewards of this land. All things living and in death were respected deeply. Their legacy lives on today. Americans of the 21st Century see clearly the gifts of indigenous people over thousands of years.

The idea of “savages” who needed to be saved was false on many levels. Yes, they were warriors too, just like the white man. Their sovereign lands were defended when threatened by other tribes, and the white man too.

Natives taught the white man the healing & nutritious values of desert plant life…

My passion for learning about and sharing the truth about America’s rich history here in the Sonora is just getting started. The stories enrich my life and soul. I hope it does the same for my readers.

Keep learning and discovering things that bring wisdom and joy into your life…

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