My Own Self Doubts As a Leader…

by | Dec 23, 2021

Self-doubt might be okay but not okay…

I think doubt is okay but it can make you sick with too much doubt as a leader. Sometimes, as a leader, I felt I needed to show my team that it was time to go and go fast, to get to the other side of doubt. Always hard though, still is. But hard is good too, I know. Without a hard road through and through, success is always elusive.

When success is finally achieved, celebrate for a while. But doubt returns fast with complacency.

As a leader, I watched with joy as my team celebrated. I always loved leading, and do. It’s always hard, though. Then, I see those I love and care about, who look to me for leadership. I have doubt in those moments as most leaders do. I see them. We see and feel each other’s souls. We don’t have to say much after we celebrate. It’s always that way with a great team.

Without hesitation, we jump up and cheer ourselves on with joy and pride as a team. “Time to move on!” We all say this while returning to the work ahead. There is no time to waste. This is why I love leading the best of the best. For I know we are winners. But doubt makes us winners. Doubt is the energy that makes us who we are.


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