Mpungu Community Rehabilitation Youth & Women Entrepreneur Training Center

by | Mar 5, 2022

Reverend Godfrey Byamukama on Prayer Mountain. Mpungu, Uganda

Mpungu Community Rehabilitation and Crop Protection Unit Fund.
Youth and Women entrepreneurship Training Center.

Mpungu Poverty Eradication program.

Change behavior patterns, attracting community service and the resources needed for community development.

Engaging some groups of people venture projects identified by members themselves. Protection of human Gender violence coupled with other bad behaviors. Increasing food production and the the value of Manpower efficiency .

Improvement on the value of land utilization with better workable activities that can attract high incomes based on community development needs.

Group members in planning and management use incubation of primary development. This can be done, possibly, with people who can sit down and identify certain activities fit for each person.

The next step is the planning process until maturity and development. This will actually lead to the first step in Community Health Empowerment rehabilitation action take place.

Government, Civil Society Organisations, Institutions, Cooperate Organizations and Individual cognitive ability persons must See the essense of Community Health Empowerment Rehabilitation plan to eliminate certain challenges affecting human lives.

This program must work on the problems of laziness and wastage of time by teaching how they grow rich and reduce on poverty level each family.

Reducing alcoholic takers by recruitment agency to plan and do something.

Reverand Godfrey Byamukama

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