Moving Day! So Long Oregon Hello Arizona…

by | May 9, 2022

Cormorant take off!

Oregon changed me

These past 17 years on the Central Oregon Coast have been transformational for me, and my family too. It is during these years the healing value from the ocean’s commanding presence reached out to me.

It was my soul that brought me back home to the sea, and the rain forests near our home in Little Whale Cove just south of Depoe Bay. It is here, God spoke to me under the tall Firs, Eagles, and Cormorants.

I finally found peace in the Cove and on the coastal trails near my home. I hear the waves breaking most nights and the buoy bell tunes up while the Sea Lions resting laugh and sing with joy.

The sounds of the sea will be with me always, like a favorite song or two I know that moved my heart and soul. But these songs from the sea reached deep into my soul. I could speak to God here for the first time.

Now, I bring along the love and kindness of the Cove to the Sonora to share with hearts and souls waiting for cool sea breezes and pounding waves. The desert reaches out to me now, but the sea will never leave my being.

We’ll be back next summer when sunny warm days welcome us back home again. It will be time once again to visit with good neighbors and wildlife friends who helped change me into a better soul, with a heart that smiles now.

Arizona welcomes my soul

It’s easier to say, “hello Arizona” when my soul feels my heart ready for the next chapter of a life. I am grateful and blessed with good health and adventurous soul. Transformation and healing takes another giant leap, under the tall Saguaro and the Tanks where the Petroglyphs read stories to me. I feel it, don’t you?

We count down, “hit the road,” southwest to the Sonora in the coming days. The drive will take us via Corvallis, south to Ashland for a memorable stay.

On to Redding for a short visit, then south to Bakersfield, on to Las Vegas. It’s east to Flagstaff, in the White Mountains, then south to Sun City Festival, arriving June 15th. That was fast, or was it slow and forever living in the moment?

So long Oregon, hello Arizona. It is here God speaks to me again…

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