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by | Feb 25, 2013

The PTSD Forum  Quotes from this site…

“Welcome to PTSD Forum. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a life threatening, debilitating disorder that can break down a sufferer’s body through anxiety and stress. Further it poses a significant suicide risk resulting from the brains neurological imbalance and chemical depression. Sufferers often live in denial, thus this community is aimed at helping PTSD sufferers help themselves through others experiences, guidance and education. We are here for the sufferer, spouse and families surrounding PTSD. Spouses and family are too often forgotten in this equation, and often they receive all the worst that PTSD has to offer.

“Depression and trauma are disconnective disorders. They do not improve in isolation. To fix them you have to be connected to others.”

My Husband and NLP Therapy…neuro linguistic programming (NLP)

More attention is given to NLP as an alternative treatment for severe symptoms of PTSD.  I hear and read about the favorable results of NLP and plan to focus more on this subject going forward with guest postings from the experts, including Byron Lewis, Author, The Magic of NLP Demystified and Sobriety Demystified.

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