“Moon Dog” @ The Mine Cafe in Jerome, Arizona

by | Jun 10, 2022

Jerome, Arizona



Dog of the Moon “Moon Dog” for short…
Jennifer Epperson, Owner, Mine Cafe, Jerome, Arizona. Don’t miss this special place!
Some of the Mine Cafe Crew

Moon Dog

Once upon a time, there was a homeless man who lived in the park, drank beer, played guitar and sang to the moon. Folks in the desert came to know this lonesome wolf as the Moondog – a tall, strange fellow who sat out on street corners singing his funny and outlandish songs to anybody who would lend an ear. Things got a little rough out there, so Moondog decided to clean up his act, put together a band and began performing at the local saloons….. And so was born the Dog of the Moon.

The dude strummin’ the guitar caught my eye first when we walked into the Mine Cafe in the old historical town of Jerome, Arizona. I knew right away that he had something to say, maybe sing ‘n dance too.

As I walked by him entering the restroom, we struck up a conversation. I knew this artist had talent just by seeing passion in his his eyes, and a kind smile.

While walking past him, I took a chance and asked, “what’s your name, man? I bet you sing ‘n dance with your heart ‘n soul. Please play a tune for us.”

“Dog of the Moon, “Moon Dog” for short,” he said with a sure grin. As I sat down with Judy and looked back, Moon Dog stood up to perform for us unexpectedly.

We were excited and grateful for the warm embrace as newcomers, something we missed living on the Oregon Coast for too long without many happy faces to spare. It felt good to be with sunny new faces.

So, I got my camera set for a show. We got far more than we could’ve dreamed of as Moon Dog sang ‘n danced a tune that took me back to the 70s when rock ‘n roll was born. Listening to the music and lyrics of a man who sings from his heart ‘n soul was a special treat, indeed.

Jennifer‘s welcome touched our hearts…

Laughter, hoots and hollers ensued while Moon Dog entertained us as the only customers in the cafe. Guess we barged in after the place was closed, like old folks do sometimes without notice.

Jennifer, owner, Mine Cafe, welcomed us even though Moon Dog was about to close the kitchen. “Come on in friends. You both look like you need a cold drink and a little lunch.” Kindness is a natural thing at the Mine Cafe, it seemed to me

Jerome, Arizona is America’s pride…

After one of the the most fun moments during our long journey from Depoe Bay, Oregon, moving to Sun City Festival, Arizona, we drove to the Mine Museum for a look-see. I wanted to learn more about Copper Mining, the mainstay of Jerome’s storied history. Now, a “Ghost Town,” they say.

We’ll be back before we leave for our new digs in Sun City Festival next week. There is so much more to see and learn. Think we’ll have lunch again at the Mine Cafe too.

Maybe Moon Dog will sing ‘n dance for us again.

Sweet Judy toasting Moon Dog’s performance…

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