What is “mindfulness meditation? How does it help manage anxiety and depression?

by | Mar 26, 2014

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Mindfulness Begin as a Buddhist Tradition

Mindfulness…living in the moment…Via 
on Mar 23, 2014  


Mindfulness, for me, can be elusive. How about you?

After studying this infographic and perusing all the benefits of mindfulness (and how mindfulness actually works), I’m going to be more mindful about being mindful.
Instead of scurrying through my to-do list (which includes, by the way, slowing down and breathing) at record pace, I’m going to set an alarm every hour and dedicate at least five minutes to meditation. This can be as simple as looking out the window at trees. Or walking outside and breathing in some fresh air.
My numero uno roadblock in life is anxiety and, hey, if mindfulness can alleviate that, then mindfulness needs to become my middle name. My bff!

So, without further adieu, may I present the mindfulness infographic so you, too, can learn its benefits and how it all works:

“Living in the moment” makes it so much easier to think about the concept of “mindfulness.”  I have written blog posts about this topic many times to not only remind myself, but to help others practice the discipline.  Mindfulness is definitely a work in progress along the path of healing in life after trauma.  It is alternative treatment centric, so to speak.  When you get good at focusing on being in the moment, keeping the pain of the past at a safe distance is possible.  We call this kind of practice, meditation.  It is also a good idea to have a partner to help with the right kind of healthy distractions that create a sense of well being in your mind.
Check out another more recent post on this blog on the topic of “living in the moment” and learn more.  Your comments and experience on this topic would be most appreciated.
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