“Military Minds…” from Canada… A new outreach website to support veterans returning to life after war…

by | Mar 31, 2013

I decided to take my experience with PTSD and put it forward to educate others and help those who are like me. Visit us here often to get a unique insight into the lives of soldiers with PTSD. My hope is to raise funds through sales of Military Minds apparel as well as donations to help those who have selflessly served our country”.
Chris Dupee, Founder of Military Minds

http://militaryminds.ca/  Tattoo Therapy by Ivan Herderson…

“29 years tattooing outside of a military base, a couple years in the military and you have more experiences, stories and happenings than many might ever think one could have. I have had clients share the happiest, saddest and scariest things with me. I feel like the proverbial bartender. Given that people entrust you with their hide, many will let go of even more inhibitions and open their hearts as well….”


I have never been big on the tattoo thing.  My father had some interesting tattoo’s from WWII.  The one remembered most was the Polynesian Hula dancer that wiggled when Dad shook his arm.  But now I can see the therapy value for veterans who choose tattoo’s for a very good reason…healing.  A tattoo artist can be a great person to talk to about things no one else wants to hear or can understand…  The tattoo itself can be a reminder of those experiences in combat that take a lifetime to heal from trauma.  A tattoo can also represent a memorial to “battle buddies” and loved ones.  I might not be big on tattoo’s for myself, but know how critical reaching out and therapy can be for those who suffer with invisible wounds.  My perspective of tattoo’s is now changed forever knowing more about the healing value for warriors in particular.  Let there be tattooing!

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

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