Merry Christmas Mom! Wish we could be there with you!

by | Dec 25, 2015

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Marcella C. Sparks and Son, Steve… July 2015…


Mother’s 95th Birthday…  Click on this link for more…

I tried to call Mom today, Christmas Eve.  Mom was not talking very well back in July when we visited last, but we had a fun time with her.  Lately, she hasn’t been able to talk on the phone.  Even though mom is near the end of her life, and is not doing that well, we think about her every day and know she is in the loving care of her care-givers at Regent Care Center in Reno, Nevada.

Later in the day Judy and I finally reached Mom via Skype!  We sent Mom lots of hugs and kisses over video…  She couldn’t say much, but we were all together…even sang Jingle Bells!  We’ll try again Christmas morning to see how mom is doing.


Brenda Williams-Humphreys, Mom’s Dear Friend at Regent Care Center, Reno, Nevada

We are very grateful to Brenda for her friendship and the loving care she provides to Mom.  It would not be possible for us to coordinate on-site visits and phone conversations, including Skype, without Brenda.  Brenda keeps us in the loop just like a family member or loved one.  She is always kind, helpful, and joyful.  It is always comforting to know Mom is in a place where she is loved and receiving the very best care….  It is snowing in Reno!

With love and warm wishes; and a Happy New Year

Steve & Judy Sparks, December 24, 2015


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