Mental Health Professionals – Give just one hour of your time to support a veteran in your community!

by | Dec 11, 2012

Xiomara A. Sosa, “You Are Strong!”

 “You Are Strong! was founded on Veterans Day in 2011 by Xiomara A. Sosa as a nonprofit organization. As an Army and Air Force veteran, and as someone whose life-long love is a retired Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, she feels a deep pride, commitment and passion in serving all veterans.”

Give an Hour

Give an Hour™ is asking mental health professionals nationwide to literally donate an hour of their time each week to provide free mental health services to military personnel and their families.
Individuals who receive services will be given the opportunity to give an hour back in their own community. As of August 2011, approximately 6,000 providers have donated 42,000 hours of service.

This is a wonderful cause!  I have written about the need for local community support on this blog more than once.  This is a way to help participate with your professional services and mental health wellness skills.  Please read my earlier post on the critical need to bridge federal, state, county, and local resources with public/private partnerships through non-profits to meet the needs of veterans returning home to life after war…  The communities sending our heroes to war must provide homecoming support that makes a difference…  The mental health professional community can become more actively engaged by donating just one hour a week of their time to military families.

“Give an Hour” is a community focused cause and veterans support strategy that is already making a difference…

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

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