Memories of Love on Valentines Day…

by | Feb 14, 2024

While the trees dance in the balmy winds the Sonora sings.

The balmy desert winds heal my soul while the Thatcher sings its beautiful songs. I see the trees dance like ballerinas while the Sonora sings. Life’s trials and tribulations disappear over the horizon as my mind lives in this spiritual moment.

I want to go back in time for just a little while

She appears to me in so many beautiful ways as I watch the trees dance and the hummingbirds play. I remember that special time so clearly. I dream of returning to that day hiking up to Dorothy Lake on a gorgeous afternoon.

Take me back to Dorothy Lake just one more time. It was then, when the magic of love spoke to me through the balmy breezes over the lake. For the first time I could hear the birds sing. It was then when I could see and hear nature’s beauty. It was there when I felt love for the very first time.

Oh, take me back when love was so new. I will always treasure that moment when love first touched my heart. Her beautiful smile and stunning blue eyes made me feel whole. I became one with her soul at that moment.

The birds sing

Now, 42 years later, I see her as she was then. The trees still dance while the birds sing. In my dreams, we aren’t far away from where we sat back then on a bench next to Lake Washington, near Kirkland.

We were holding hands and falling in love as the Sun fell slowly to the west while the waters of Lake Washington glistened. This is when our life together was in a most beautiful moment, not to be disturbed by the slightest of human distractions. .

After that first kiss, she drove away smiling and waving as if our first intimate encounter was special. I wouldn’t see her again for at least two weeks while she traveled on vacation. Would we kiss again? Are we destined to be together? All I could do during what seemed to be months, not weeks, was dream of us together again.

We didn’t know then that 42 years later we would be together holding hands and loving each other just like back then.

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