Meet Scrubs, Thomas Skinner’s Service Dog…a gift of healing, love, and friendship…

by | Jun 30, 2013

Meet Scrubs – Scrubs is my PTSD Service Dog.
“I am honored to introduce to you my service dog Scrubs. She is a tri-colored border collie and she is 4 years old. She started out her life on a cattle ranch in the foothills of Coalinga, California. This part of California has nothing but cattle and agriculture, so border collies are pretty common.”

Thomas Skinner…Beautiful and loving moment…

Your service dog…  Quoting from this website…

“My wife decided PTSD and all of its symptoms was more than she was willing or able to deal with and she and the two children are living three hundred miles away and staying with her family. I was discharged a wounded warrior. Not all wounds are visible and mine took twenty two years to finally be diagnosed. I don’t want a purple heart. I want my life and my children back.”

As published June 20, 2011 on American Veterans Center Website:
Thomas Skinner
US Army Veteran living with PTSD

“My mission is to use my experiences to help other veterans understand and recognize the signs, symptoms and effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, and then to help them find the resources they need to cope with its effects and live a happy productive life.”


Scrubs is an example of your own pet giving you unconditional love…  When Scrubs looks at you as in the photo above, you know what she is thinking, “what can I do next to make Thomas happy?”  My daughter, Sarah, has a therapy dog named, Skai, who has done miracles for her well-being too.  I didn’t think a whole lot about the soul of my own animal kingdom friends over the years until they left us.  Now, in my own journey of healing, my heart and soul reaches out each day to “man’s best friend.” 

Thomas uses the slogan “Caring is Sharing” in his blog.  The story of Thomas and Scrubs is very special.  I plan to stay in touch with Thomas so that we have an opportunity to meet Scrubs when we return to San Diego later this fall.  I want to give a heartfelt thanks to both Thomas Skinner and Scrubs for “caring and sharing!”  Your story is a gift of forgiveness and healing that touches my own heart…  I know the story of Scrubs will deeply touch the hearts of  many others who follow this blog…

Steve Sparks
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