Medications and alcohol do not mix well, especially for combat veterans treated for PTSD symptoms!

by | Apr 11, 2012

The above link and article by Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times shows that we are learning more about the serious side effects of prescription drugs commonly used for treatment of depression and anxiety; exacerbated with the use of alcohol.

“A fog of drugs and war – More than 110,000 active-duty Army troops last year took antidepressants, sedatives and other prescription medications. Some see a link to aberrant behavior.”

My own experience of mixing prescription drugs with alcohol some 12 years ago before stopping the practice made me a believer for life!  My disposition changed dramatically once it was necessary to take prescription medications.  I did not believe my primary care physician initially when he directed me to eliminate alcohol.  The negative consequences were dramatic in terms of side effects, which caused severe depression and anxiety.  The data show thoughts of committing suicide increase by the use of alcohol while be treated with prescription medications.  Suicides among combat veterans continues to be a critical concern.  The prescription medication by themselves take time to get used to, and often require trying different brands to find the right balance.  Drinking alcohol defeats the whole purpose of treatment and long term healing.  Please do not drink alcohol while taking prescription drugs!

Steve Sparks
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