Matt ‘n Mattie Return with Ambrose ‘n Abilgail ‘n Sidekick…

by | Feb 12, 2022


“During spring, pairs break out from flocks and begin defending territories. Spacing of these pairs is variable and depends on availability of nest sites and population density; where population is large, even after a great many fights birds may end up nesting in view of one another, and some populations are semi-colonial.”

After Judy & I settled in the comfort of our beach chairs, we started breathing in the balmy salty air blowing lightly from the mouth of the Cove. It was then, we noticed Matt ‘n Mattie with a few friends, forging peacefully among themselves.

I looked up and said, with some surprise in my voice, “Judy, this is odd! Matt ‘n Mattie are usually alone by now. Maybe their family has grown bigger this year!”

If this is a reality, we’ll wait to see. It will be the first time in our 17 years in Little Whale Cove, as we recall, that Matt ‘n Mattie have accepted another couple to nest in their private Cove. There appears to be a “sidekick” of sorts as well.

While we watched with speculation, I thought a little research might help us understand. I always thought it strange that Matt ‘n Mattie got away with keeping the Cove to themselves all these years.

Both are tough, though, warriors best at keeping their claim to peace in forage off limits. I’ve watched them over the years chase out, fight, bite, yap the hell out of most who enter this Cove.

Matt ‘n Mattie are warriors, indeed. Battle buddies, who know how to keep their home safe, no mater what or who, even “Gritz” The Intrepid Eagle, sitting a top of the tall firs close to the Cove

We hung out for the longest time today. A couple of friends came down too. Met a new friend a little younger than me. New friends are the best when they show up without notice or intentions. I see this gift of friendship as a spiritual gift, unexpected when something inside me is,reaching out for a new friend.

We talked of many things. He grew up same place in Southern California as me. We surfed some of the same hot spots too, like “T” Street San Clemente.

I filmed a bit more while Judy talked to her friend & neighbor. She finished her walk along the coast trail while I drove home. Sadly, my feet & legs have retired too early. But, the adjustments, and positive outlook seems to work so far.

Without Judy’s love & support, not so sure this process would have been possible. I’m grateful & blessed beyond measure!

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