Matt ‘n Mattie Return to Little Whale Cove!

by | Jan 23, 2022

Return of “Matt ‘n Mattie” ❤️

“This big ‘Honker’ is among our best-known waterfowl. In many regions, flights of Canada Geese passing over in V-formation — northbound in spring, southbound in fall — are universally recognized as signs of the changing seasons. Once considered a symbol of wilderness, this goose has adapted well to civilization, nesting around park ponds and golf courses; in a few places, it has even become something of a nuisance. Local forms vary greatly in size, and the smallest ones are now regarded as a separate species, Cackling Goose.”

Yesterday, I ran into my neighbor, Jeff, on the coast trail here in Little Whale Cove. While we were telling stories ‘n lies as BS boys do, he told me he saw “Matt ‘n Mattie & some of their siblings hanging out at the Cove staking out mating & nesting territory access rights for the season…

They fight like hell for awhile until all this gets sorted out like it does each year around this time. It’s a wonderful beginning to a new Spring in Little Whale Cove, Oregon!

As neighbors, we are so happy for this glorious moment each Spring. It’s a celebration, indeed! A new beginning after the New Year arrives, usually late January, early February.

You can look up in the sky and see these beautiful birds in V shaped groups flying south to parts we all know for one reason or another, honking all the way. But, most of all in anticipation of the little Goslings when they arrive around May.

This is yet another celebration at the Cove. The whole neighborhood comes out to cheer the little ones along…

We do start to worry then if they will survive the various predators waiting in anticipation of the sweet meet of a Gosling. “Gritz” The Intrepid Eagle, is the worst of the lot…

Matt ‘n Mattie are tough as nails as parents. They know these bad boys ‘n girls with hungry eyes. They both watch over the little ones like nothing I’ve ever seen in public view before…

Last year was a good year for Matt ‘n Mattie.” Seven little Goslings arrived! Five flew back North in July with mom ‘n pops, Matt ‘n Mattie ❤️.

I will keep you all up to date this year too, on the progress of the new adventure of Matt ‘n Mattie in Little Whale Cove for yet another beautiful mating season ❤️

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