“Matt n Mattie” Return! It’s early spring in Little Whale Cove, Oregon

by | Feb 7, 2021

“Matt n Mattie” nesting in Little Whale Cove Feb2021 “Facts About Aleutian Cackling Geese
Once thought to be extinct, this small-bodied migratory goose has made a remarkable comeback, with population estimates nearing 200,000 birds.”
“Matt and Mattie” on a good day at the Cove…

“The population of these small (4-6 pounds) geese has made one of the most astounding recoveries in the history of wildlife management.  The population has soared from <800 individual birds in 1974 to nearly 200,000 today.  Aleutian Cackling geese were formerly known as Aleutian Canada geese until taxonomists renamed and “regrouped” them in 2004.”


Matt and Mattie are back! I love to watch the two lovers nibble on favorite delights in the shallow pond and shore…

Both arrive together as mates for life. I see them sticking close together each and everyday. Just like devoted partners and caring parents do, with joy and love, each and everyday…

Matt and Mattie fly down from the Aleutians way up north. Snow Geese mate while forging in the snow for the long winter..

Matt and Mattie dream of little Goslings born in the late spring. Protecting the delicate eggs from Eagles and Hawks is a great challenge in the nest near the shore.

Matt and Mattie share duties to watch and protect the little ones growing in the shells. When birds of prey circle above, both share in sitting on the nest to keep the little Goslings safe and warm…

The little Goslings ? in the shell are eaten sometimes. Matt and Mattie look away at times when nibbling for delights in the shallow pond. Both grieve for the loss of little ones when they return to the nest.

The Eagle waits high above, hungry for more orderves beckoning from the nest below. Matt and Mattie always keep a sharp eye on birds of prey circling high above…

Mattie and Matt are very anxious most years, and so are we. For it’s all too often we see 1 or 2 maybe 3 out of 5 come into the world. The little Goslings quickly make Little Whale Cove a heavenly birthplace once again…

With Matt and Mattie in tow, the little Goslings are still not out of danger, not ever. Mom and Dad watch over their dear little ones by day and by night.

And more often than not, the little ones are swooped up high by hungry Eagles. So precious and spiritual is the little Gosling.

The one that Flys north to the Aleutians to be raised. With a mate for life, a new family is born to fly south to nest in a special place.

I so look forward to Matt and Mattie returning next year. Both will show all of us once again, God’s true ?. Love…

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