Love ‘n Kisses from “Nikki”

by | Jun 27, 2021

Nikki ‘n Ray

When I first met “Nikki ” my heart felt her soul. She spoke to me with a look of kindness and love like no other furry loved one I know…

When mom ‘n pops go away on a trip, we like to take care of Nikki for them. She prefers us more than anyone else, I believe. Think she knows who loves her, and who doesn’t.

Furry loved ones feel and see better than humans. Nikki needs to feel safe and loved, just like us . She heals too, like all of us, but is defenseless, just like us, when we are sick…

Nikki suffers from being traumatized as a youngster, Pops told me so. She requires kindness and love while she heals from too much trauma as a kid, just like us…

Nikki is a healer too! The best there is. Furry loved ones help us humans heal when healing seems like something impossible for too many of us…

Meet Nikki on my YouTube podcast with Pops. You can sure tell, feel and see Nikki’s heart ❤ beating ever so softly. Her soul speaks to me and you too…

Love ‘n kisses from “Nikki!”

Steve and Judy Sparks
Children and Families in Life After Trauma

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