Loose Cannons! Talking2Minds in the UK is providing help to security contractors…

by | Oct 3, 2012

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-19758654  Quote from this site…

Loose Cannons

“He points to the incident involving Danny Fitzsimons – who shot dead Scottish security contractor Paul McGuigan and another colleague in Iraq in 2009 while suffering from PTSD – as evidence that the condition is a very real risk factor for those working as private security contractors.

And, in his experience, he says, there are many private security contractors still working in the field who are failing to get the help they need.”


The subject of “loose cannons” is attention getting but does deserve considerable conversation, thought, and research.  Talking2Minds is taking a leadership role in addressing a “risk management” challenge for private security contractors.  The current research and experience does show risk among those who suffer severe symptoms of moral injury and PTSD.  Although the risk might be small and unpredictable, we do have to consider “preparing for the worst while hoping for the best.”

From my own life experience, especially as a child growing up in a post WWII culture with a parent who served in extended combat, the “loose cannon” dynamic is real.  My father went right to work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons following his 22 year career in the US Navy.  The culture in the prison service,  law enforcement or the security profession in general is a natural pursuit for many veterans, especially those with extensive combat and special operations training and experience.  But it is noted that professionals in this business can be subjected to triggers that might create the risky circumstances and conditions for over the top behaviors. 

I am pleased that Talking2Minds is taking an appropriate proactive role in helping private security contractors become more aware and trained to address the the risk of “loose cannon” behaviors…  My Dad, Vernon, served honorably and with distinction both in the US Navy and the Federal Bureau of Prisons…  The private security or government law enforcement profession is a highly rewarding career for many who have served America in the Armed Forces…

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