Light Is Food For The Soul…

by | Nov 27, 2022

Jake’s lost soul…

When Jake thinks of light, his mind’s eye sees the depth of the Universe. Drifting away from a day to day life of cluttered nonsense helped him to live in the moment. It was a mindfulness place to see life more clearly.

As a child, Jake’s bewildered mind could not see or feel his soul as his own. He could only see and touch physical things, but not his soul.

As a young adult, Jake felt his soul was not attached to his inner light. “The priest at my childhood church holds my soul captive,” he thought, throughout his life. Learning how to retrieve his soul came much later.

Healing is in the light

Jake’s fear was like a dark tunnel with no light at the end. “Something was always missing,” he often thought with some trepidation. Then, one day as an older wiser man with many deep scars, he could see a tiny light appear at the end of the dark tunnel for the first time.

As the sunlight sets in the west, Jake felt the warmth against his face. Feeling the cool dry breeze, was so very wholesome to his body and soul. His mind starts to feel open to healing in that moment. He could see the light becoming more brilliant again at the end of the darkest tunnel.


The glow and motion of light emanating from a candle is now truly spiritual for Jake. He finds his mind drifting off on a journey to a place so beautiful and peaceful. While staying focused on the illumination and movements of candle light, his mind can rest in a safe place from the darkness and pain of the past.

Inner light...

As Jake heals, his soul absorbs light as it becomes brighter in his heart. While seeing light each day his lost soul returns to him. It’s in the present moment not the past that provides sustainable light.

Divine light

For Jake or anyone else open to healing, it is lasting light not darkness alone that heals the soul. Divine intervention comes from believing in things larger than yourself. For most of us it is God and the Universe. It is a personal spiritual choice that moves your soul eventually.

Jake found he could heal when light finally entered his heart and soul. It is a work in progress for most of us to keep your soul full of light and enlightenment.

Light is food for the soul…

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