Laughing Is Food For The Soul…

by | Jul 1, 2023

A good laugh, Portland, Oregon 2012
Everybody else thinks the following story is funny, but not me.

While going through TSA security in Portland, Oregon en route to Reno, my pants fell down to my knees when they made me take off my belt. Imagine a moment like this in your life. I bet you’ll laugh your pants off thinking about that experience.

While this was taking place, all the stuff in my bag fell out because the TSA dude didn’t zip my bag after they sorted through it looking for whatever reason. Then I couldn’t find my boarding ticket while getting everything back together including my pants and belt back on.

Luckily, I was told to go to the gate and get another boarding ticket, so I didn’t have to go back through security. While all this was going on, my cell phone butt dialed Judy. She was going crazy on the other end of the phone thinking I was having a heart attack of sorts.

As I got another boarding ticket, my initial boarding pass appeared. While the agent gave me a paper towel to wipe all the sweat from my face.

Fortunately, there were no pictures or video of a 65 year old guy losing it at the airport. I hope others think this story is funny too.

Laughing is healthy for the soul… Laugh while you imagine you’re own life experiences. Some of those experiences may have been embarrassing at the time, but hilarious to think about now.

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