Kids can and should get involved in supporting our heroes! Meet Cody Jackson & One Boy USO! “It’s okay to be patriotic!

by | Jan 12, 2014

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Cody Jackson, Author
The kids from Kids Zone taking ownership for the Ron Slane VFW Memorial

Kids supporting veterans…  Quote from website “One Boy USO.

About the Author
Cody Jackson is a pint-sized patriot and the One Boy USO, who, at the age of nine, has already thanked 10,000+ of our country’s heroes.
It all began when Cody was four, with a simple question: “Why is it so hard to get on a plane?” Ever since the moment that his parents explained, as well as possible, the event of 9/11, Cody has been a new boy. Every day, he goes out of his way to thank our military men and women. Then, as a way to thank more “soldiers” more often, Cody began collecting donations to help fund care packages to ship to deployed troops.
After noticing the lack of patriotism in his peers, Cody wanted to let other kids know “It’s okay to be patriotic! If I can do it, you can too!” He has written his patriotic children’s books to share his love of America and her military, and hopes to help other children love their country and troops as much as he does!
A portion of all sales of Cody’s books will go toward his efforts as the One Boy USO at
His Facebook page for the book can also be found at: 


I have always supported getting kids involved as patriots by joining the campaign for creating awareness and supporting veterans and 1st responders.  I do this through my work as vice chair of Neighbors for Kids (NFK) in Depoe Bay, Oregon. I write about how life after war affects children in my book and in this blog.  One of the best ways to get kids to pay attention to America’s veterans is to get them engaged.  Children can make a difference the same as we adults who are involved in supporting the children and families of veterans everywhere.

Just this last summer NFK’s “Kids Zone” teens helped out during the Celebration of Honor event in Lincoln City, Oregon by serving as sentries at the American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVTT) staged at Chinook Winds Casino.  Also each year our kids provide upkeep and gardening support for our Ronald Allen Slane VFW Memorial in Depoe Bay, Oregon.  Once children get connected to veterans directly and learn about service, sacrifice, honor, and duty, they become very passionate about the cause. Most importantly they begin learning more about their own families history of serving America as 1st responders and in the military…  Many have parents, grand parents, and great grand parents who served. Kids often never hear about the the service and sacrifice of family members because it can be painful discussion, especially when loved ones are lost in the line of duty, or they suffered from traumatic events while serving in combat or at home as a 1st responder.

Don’t hesitate to get kids engaged in supporting awareness for the service and sacrifices of veterans and 1st responders.  It is a valuable learning experience and can be very healing as well.

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