Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory – Mesmerizing and Magical…Nature’s “Special Effects.”

by | Nov 28, 2012

Butterfly Perched

Butterfly Feeding on Fruit

Steve & Judy at Conservatory Entrance

Inside Conservatory
“The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory has been voted by The People’s Choice Awards the #1 Attraction in Key West for the past four years in a row. It is home to hundreds of butterflies and exotic colorful birds from around the world. The Conservatory is truly a magical experience filled with lush tropical vegetation and cascading waterfalls, all under a climate-controlled, glass-enclosed habitat. A short educational 15-minute film detailing the fascinating world of butterflies sets the stage in the Learning Center. Also be sure to browse through the extensive Gift Shop and Gallery which offer a wide variety of unique and one-of-a-kind nature related gifts.”
If Heaven is like this, I can’t wait to get there with Judy at my side…  I would choose coming back as a butterfly in this special nature conservatory, if there was reincarnation…
When we walked into the conservatory with butterflies and birds flying all around us and perched in the trees, time stood still…  We even stopped in our tracks to take it all in… We couldn’t get enough of this utterly beautiful and peaceful place of Mother Nature at her best.  The feeling was similar to the attention getting special effects we often experience in 3D pictures with the latest computer technology, but 10 times better because it is real, very real…
Learning more than we ever knew about butterflies was special.  Butterflies are farmed, raised and observed in this special nature conservatory as a way to conserve and protect the butterfly globally.  The Monarch Butterfly even gets a “patch” these days to track its migration.  The tiny high tech ID patch is placed on the wing of the butterfly and retrieved when reaching its destination to study its migration path.  The Monarch can live for months depending on its migration path, from North to South America.
I strongly recommend visiting the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory as a once in a lifetime experience!  You will not be disappointed…
Steve Sparks
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