Jeffrey Wright…A loving father, and amazing teacher’s life is profound and thought provoking… Watch the video clip!

by | Sep 2, 2013

Jeffrey Wright, Physics Teacher and son Adam  click on this website…


“Laws of Physics Can’t Trump the Bonds of Love.”

Nisandeh Neta

It is love that carries us forward…  Click on this moving and inspirational video clip, right now…

“Then make sure to SHARE it with EVERYONE!
I wish all TEACHERS would be like this teacher.
I wish all PARENTS would be like this father.
Make it a great weekend, Nisandeh”


When Jeffrey Wright’s son, Adam, used sign language to tell his Dad he loved him, it was at that moment Jeffrey was no longer mad at God…  Adam suffers from a very rare genetic disorder, Joubert syndrome, that prevents his brain from giving the normal instructions to the human body that allows him to function in a typical and healthy way.  Adam is an intelligent young boy, but his body cannot move about. Adam’s Dad, Jeffrey Wright, is a HS physics teacher who teaches like no other teacher. “Jeffrey Wright is well known around his high school in Louisville, Ky., for his antics as a physics teacher, which include exploding pumpkins, hovercraft and a scary experiment that involves a bed of nails, a cinder block and a sledgehammer.” Students are never bored in his class sessions and can’t wait to learn and participate.  He conducts a very powerful, creative, and proactive class curriculum teaching kids the laws of physics. But it is a simple lecture — one without props or fireballs — that leaves the greatest impression on his students each year. The talk is about Mr. Wright’s son and the meaning of life, love and family.”

Jeffrey Wright and his son Adam are both an inspiration to all of us.  As much as we wish that his son, Adam, was a typical boy, enjoying all the things that kids do together, and dreams of the future, it is not a realistic expectation.  But what we do take away from this inspirational example of goodness is the power of love and human connectedness.  “The laws of physics can’t trump the bonds of love!” 

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story  click to order…


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