Jason Evans On The Backcountry Trails East of Bend…

by | May 4, 2021

The backcountry campus and hang-out…
“Lovely roastbeef-melt sandwich to-go from The Pine Lounge in Burns, OR after a productive morning including my second covid shot, buying clothes-hangers, laundry, and fixing a little problem with my truck after a wash; ready to Netflix the rest of the day at The Silver Spur motel which is perfect for me ??‍♂️” Jason Evans on a nice day on campus…
The Alvord Desert Buggy Wagon at 100mph!
Running the Alvord Desert Salt Flats Salt Flats
with Jason Evans at the wheel…

When you are chilling at over 100 miles an hour and figure this would be a decent place to teach your kids how to drive ?

Alvord Desert Salt Flats… https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alvord_Desert
Desert Daisies
Indian Paintbrush
Close-up Alvord Desert Salt Flats…
Steens Mountains run-off… A walk in the Park near the Campus.
Desert hike with “Serpentine”
Written, filmed, photographed ‘n produced by Jason Evans, with Steve Sparks, ridin’ shotgun, on the Avord Desert Badlands with “Michael Meerkat ‘n Snoopy” The Mongoose Scouts…
Mindfulness Meditation Moments from Depoe Bay, Oregon

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