“It’s Time to Pray” for Honest Media…

by | Jan 11, 2022

A Word for the Media

“I have a word today for those given in the media to dishonest reporting and fabrication to promote an agenda. You will eventually be brought to shame and be brought to an end by your deception.”

Receiving this powerful prayerful message from my old friend, Bill Tusken from Colville, Washington, is a prayer answered. I’ve been seeking a good word from the Bible about this for a long time. And, it’s about time!

In 1976, I was attending the University of Washington School of Communications. I had just graduated from South Seattle Community College with an AA,

As I was sitting in my 1st Journalism 101 class, we were listening to a lecture about Hitler’s propaganda machine that tore Germany apart in the 30’s, the start of WWII

I had been accepted into the prestigious UW School of Communications. It was a dream come true. I had studied so hard for so many years to make this happen, 10 years to be exact…


It was the first time hearing about the danger of lies back then, which was very scary to me even then. It was this I heard loudly…

“Propaganda is the dissemination of information to influence or control large groups of people. In totalitarian regimes like Nazi Germany, propaganda plays a significant role in consolidating power in the hands of the controlling party.”

Do you hear this now? Listen! I hear it too, again, all these decades later. I’m scared more than ever in old age. I fear for my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Do you?

If so, “it’s time to pray.” Would you agree?

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