Is Moral Injury the Root Cause? Military Suicide Awareness Video Series…Bookmark & watch at your convenience…You can help!

by | Mar 5, 2013

Highly Decorated Army Ranger Killed During 14th Deployment!

Army Ranger Suicide after 9 Deployments

Military Suicides – Part I…

Military Suicides – Part II

Military Suicides – Part III

Military Suicides – Part IV

Military Suicides – Part V

Military Suicides Hit Record High!

Private Video on Military Suicides

This posting is introduced as an ongoing awareness video series on military suicides…  We really have a hard time understanding the root cause of suicides among soldiers in combat and veterans who return home to life after war.  My thought is to be consistent with a pick and choose video series.  The videos are my own collection from the references and resources that come to me each day.  My followers can bookmark and return to this specific blog posting as an on-going educational program.  It is impossible to appreciate the horror and pain of war with snap shots of stories and conversations.  My thought is to try and create a profound conversation by consistently showing videos that share the the ultimate sacrifices of our heroes in one place of reference,  It is critical to note in all these videos that we must start to help veterans long before suicide becomes the last alternative in the process of finding relief from the terrible emotional pain that comes with moral injury, soul damage and spiritual conflict.  The symptoms of PTSD are complex, painful, and invisible.  Veterans and others who suffer from severe traumatic experiences and loss or struggle with terrible guilt from war, live with the pain 24/7, and sometimes find that suicide is the only way out.  Learn more about this important and complex subject so that you can be more aware and prepared to help prevent suicides in your own local communities.  Standing in denial and not understanding how to interact with veterans returning home to life after war can be deadly…

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Reconciliation: A Sons Story

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