“Is Anybody Listening?” “The Welcome Johnny and Jane Home Project” theme song music video from Paula Joan Caplan…

by | Feb 18, 2014

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Published on Feb 16, 2014
“Is Anybody Listening?” ©2014 lyrics by Paula Joan Caplan & Patricia Lee Stotter, ©2014 music by Patricia Lee Stotter & Tim Leitch
The Welcome Johnny and Jane Home Project (Paula Joan Caplan, Founder and Director)
quote from Paula Joan Caplan…Facebook post…2/17/2014

“Video of lyrics of Welcome Johnny and Jane Home theme song is now online!

Many of you know that “Is Anybody Listening?” my new song with Patricia Lee Stotter and Tim Leitch — the theme song for The Welcome Johnny and Jane Home Project — was posted at listen2veterans.org I have been so touched and thrilled by the warmth and enthusiasm of your responses, some from veterans and some from non veterans. How lucky was I that Patty and Tim wanted to do this with me!?

A number of people asked for a copy of the lyrics, so the wonderful Cris Gonzalez created a video of the lyrics to go with the audio, and thanks to web guru Chris Prendergast, the video is now available at listen2veterans.org right where you see the slide show of the people wearing our “Listen to a veteran” t-shirts. (And yes, the picture of the woman and man is of my mother, Tac Karchmer Caplan, who has done listening sessions with more veterans than anyone else in the Project and who is always described as a terrific listener, and my son-in-law, Jamaal Stephenson!)

Please feel free to tell one and all about the video. Thank you!”


I am pleased and honored to share “The Welcome Johnny and Jane Home Project” theme song with my friends, followers, and family!  The beautiful lyrics are shown in the video along with audio.  I love to share music especially when the message is healing and creates awareness for the needs of so many who survive and thrive in life after trauma, including veterans of all wars and the families who served too…

Steve Sparks
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