Is America Sick with Too Many Wars at Home and Abroad?

by | Aug 14, 2021

Yes! America is sick, very sick. Since the Civil War, and long before Americans have been at war with each other and others around the globe…

In my lifetime, born in 1946, America has fought at least 6 or more major wars and conflicts. Tens of thousands of Americans have been injured or killed.

The intergenerational pain of trauma is a never ending pandemic of emotional pain, trauma, hardship on millions of our citizens, especially the most vulnerable among us…

Ending the 20 year war in Afghanistan is just the latest and longest war. Too many veterans and families live with the emotional damage of wars. Wars come home to the kitchen table. Kids inhale the pain and take it with them the rest of their lives.

I served too, in the US Navy during the Vietnam Era, like so many from my generation. I was injured aboard ship, but didn’t serve in combat. All veterans and families serve, whether in direct combat or not. All Americans suffer from too many wars…

How do we heal? How do we stop the cycle of pain?

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) identifies six principles that structure a trauma-informed approach: safety, trustworthiness, empowerment, collaboration, peer support, and history, gender, and culture.Oct 29, 2019

Let’s discuss a few of these principles…


Public health and safety is absolutely #1 for me! I never felt safe at home growing up. My career was often a fire fight. It was like a fox hole. Feeling safe and healthy is a greater good goal. Once we feel safe in our environment, at home and in the work place, life is so much healthier and happier. Be safe!


Without trust, there is divisiveness and unhealthy behaviors at home or in the workplace. Trust comes with building honest and open relationships at home and in the workplace…


If we don’t empower and enable others in our care, trust is never possible. At home or in the workplace, bullies hijack our souls and hold others hostage to their will. This can be changed with transparency, open, and honest conversation in group settings or one/one private meetings…


Success in personal and group interactions can happen only as we find common ground at home at work. When we meet and work together for all of us, there is a powerful force that drives all of us toward common goals…

Peer Support

Most importantly, we have to love each other to achieve happiness and peace of mind. Hate, anger, mistrust, never wins, not ever. All of us know this from our own life experiences. When we are at peace, it’s all of us at peace, not just some of us. Would you agree?

When I think of historical racial and cultural conflict, and tensions, it is this that hurts my heart and soul deeply, like no other experiences in my lifetime. If we can’t come together and fix this, generational healing is not possible. Wars at home and abroad will persist until it’s too late. I fear for my newborn grandson, Liam Skai Fitch. Do you fear for your kids too?

Liam Skai Fitch born June 24, 2021. What kind of planet will he inherit from us?

It is love that wins. Love for each other in the home and workplace heals. Hate kills the soul. Love heals the heart and soul..

Come with Judy and I to heal our local communities. We can help heal a sick America. We must do this for our kids if not for ourselves…

With love and kindness ❤…

Steve and Judy Sparks
Children & Families in Life After Trauma (CFLAT)

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Steve Sparks is a retired information technology sales and marketing executive with over 35 years of industry experience, including a Bachelors’ in Management from St. Mary’s College. His creative outlet is as a non-fiction author, writing about his roots as a post-WWII US Navy military child growing up in the 1950s-1960s.
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