“INVISIBLE CASUALTIES!” These stories are not easy to digest, but awareness is the first step in saving the life of a loved one…

by | Sep 6, 2013

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Mike McCaddon
United States Army
March 21, 2012

                                                               Ian Samuel Morrison
                                                                United States Army
                                                                  March 21, 2012


Relatives of veterans who committed suicide talk…  Click and make a selection of an audio clip…

“The tragedy of suicide is not only the loss of an individual, but the profound grief that is left when someone chooses to die by suicide. This summer, The Huffington Post asked relatives of military members and veterans who died by suicide to tell their stories. They are mothers, fathers, grandfathers, men and women, ordinary Americans who are, as one put it, members of a group you never want to be part of. They hope their stories will help other suicide survivors find comfort, and will convince those at risk of suicide to seek help now.”


Too many promising lives are lost every day, and families destroyed, as a result of the severe symptoms of PTSD…  The role of a family caregiver is almost impossible, but the only hope to prevent suicide.  The stigma of mental health issues causes a person to feel weak and hopeless.  The invisible nature of the wounds connected with trauma, are tough to detect, especially during the day when we are engaged with others in work and play.  It is at night, on the home front, and during times when the affected person has time to think and reflect on past traumatic events that break our hearts and kill the soul…that suicide is a high risk!

Please take some quality time with loved ones and friends to listen to the stories from a selection of video clips provided by the Huffington Post Series, “Invisible Casualties.”  Learning more and feeling the pain others have experienced could very well help you save a life of a hero in your own community…

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story  click to order or download Kindle version…

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