“I Worry About the Kids!” The rate of child abuse in Lincoln County Oregon is Double!

by | Jan 16, 2016


Neglected Children Child abuse troubling in Lincoln County by Updated 

“If a child is brought into a world of poverty, homelessness, drugs and alcohol, then that child is in a very risky place. The rate of child abuse in Lincoln County is more than twice that of the rest of Oregon, says child advocate Ron Davidson, and the problem is made even more severe because of a profound lack of services for children in this county.”  click the highlighted text above for the full article…


Kids learning and socializing in a healthy setting…

Following is an excerpt from my new paperback edition and workbook, “I Worry About the Kids!”  Publication anticipated in April 2016…

“My heart aches with sadness when thinking and worrying about children who are caught in the middle of the dangerous and chaotic world of abuse, including post-traumatic stress (PTS.)  Even unborn babies can be damaged from post-trauma family dynamics. To be sure, we have lots of work to do as parents, teachers, and mentors to help younger children get past the environmental factors created by adult behaviors connected with PTS symptoms.   Our children should not have to take all this emotional baggage with them into adulthood. We can do better as parents and as a community of families. We understand the contributing factors and consequences well enough these days to stop the stigma, denial, and listen to ourselves, have conversations with loved ones and mental health professionals; then take actions to change the home environment for children and families from chaos and fear to love and security.  It is up to families to create and safe and secure home for children. Home is where PTS takes root, and home is where it will end. Can’t we do more? Yes, we can do more! Follow me on this journey through the rest of this workbook, and find the awareness and solutions that best fit your family circumstances. Do this with deep love for the children in our lives and the future of America.”

Steve Sparks, Author, Reconciliation: A Son’s Story and My Journey of Healing in Life After Trauma, Part 1&2 Click highlighted text for my author page and to order books and other stuff…


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