“I Can Do It, Daddy!”

by | Jun 26, 2021

Liam Skai Fitch, 4 months on Oct 24, 2021

Chris Fitch, and first born son Liam…

Here’s Sarah back in 2011 writing from her heart when we started our family blog….
She was always supportive and had great wisdom. She helped me kickstart what is now a platform helping 1000s of souls who heal together as a community…


And this beautiful prose and poetry ?

“You may not run from the thing you are. While sunny days and endless palms have graced my life for the past 3 years, Oregon again whispers my name. It’s not that I love to leave, but staying here was completely impossible. When I left Oregon I was searching. I believe your soul arises and you let it; or you don’t. I’ve always chosen to follow her wayward path, if only to see where it leads. This path has led me to beautiful souls that have burnt imprints on my heart.” Sarah Sparks Fitch

And, Husband, Chris Fitch

“Sarah is truly miraculous, I’m in awe. It’s remarkable that she remembers in vivid detail her emergency surgery including up to when she flat lined, hearing the long beep before passing out. You’d think maybe she dreamt it but when I was talking to the anesthesiologist he told me they were talking during the surgery. Sarah filled me in on that conversation they had. Recalling things he told me about happening. She was maxed out on what they could give and replaced all her blood two times over. Now here we are a day latter and she’s joking about it cause she knew she’d be okay. I can’t believe that they’re saying she will likely be discharged in a day or two! I’m just so thankful.”

From Dad Steve in this moment when miracles happen, and love wins

“I got this!!” Sarah said looking up at her husband, Chris. She said this to me too, “I can do it, Daddy,” long ago on the shores of the Wenatchee when she caught her first little Trout we then returned gently to the river to grow and love…

I heard my sweet daughter say this to me from her heart and soul. Her soul spoke to me, just like back then as my little girl, “I can do it, Daddy!” And she could… And still does it with strength and love…

She did it this time, like every other time in her young life with that spirit of confidence in her eyes. I heard loud and clear, just like each and every time as my little girl, on most days. “I can do it, Daddy!”

Little Liam reminds me of his mom. I can see it! In his oh so confident little face with a cute nose just like his Mom…

Sarah and little Liam are coming home, mom and and Liam together in love from a deep place so special, only they know. I see and feel Chris’s heart pounding with relief and joy felt only by a father when his first born child joins them as one…

I see and feel Gramny too. She is holding little Liam with that beautiful glow from her heart and soul. I saw this glow before, so long ago, when she held Sarah for the very first time when she was born…

My heart pounds too. I feel my soul sing with a joy felt only by a grand father who knows his little girl is safe and loved.

It is now Liam who will change the world. It is his family as one, who will help him do so with a deep love in our hearts and souls…

“I can do it, Daddy!”

Steve and Judy Sparks
Children and Families in Life After Trauma

The first three stories are from our life together and the furry loved ones who loved us, and watched over Sarah as she grew up and changed the world. Download to your device with Kindle app.

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