How soon we forget our heroes… Honor the POW’s who came home in 1973 after the end of the Vietnam War…

by | Sep 28, 2013

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The joy and relief of home coming for Vietnam POW’s in 1973!

Vietnam POW’s gather for 40 year reunion…  click for video clip…

The Richard Nixon Foundation…  Quote from this website…

John McCain with President Richard Nixon in 1973

“In honor of President Nixon’s Centennial and the 40th anniversary of the return home of the POWs from Vietnam, the Nixon Foundation has partnered with the United States Department of Defense to honor them at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum.”

I sincerely apologize for missing this major news event last May!  My radar is always up and out for these news events, and this one was missed, sadly.  I do lots of postings to honor my Vietnam era brothers and sisters and this should have been no exception.  I hope you all forgive me…

The video is very powerful and brought tears to my eyes when revisiting this time in American history.  Our Vietnam POW’s suffered terribly from many years of torture in captivity.  The Hanoi Hilton was no picnic at the beach…  What was really heartwarming in the video clip was to hear these brave men talk about how they didn’t feel alone… sticking together as one with honor and pride in America.  They created a “survive and thrive” culture under the worst possible conditions.  All these heroes had faith in God, themselves and America.  They knew the day would come to go home.  It is hope that keeps us together.  It is faith, honor and love for country that provides the strength to hang on one day at a time. 

It is an honor to see the video and the heroes who could attend the 40 year reunion back in May 2013.  Please share this treasure of history with your friends and family…

Steve Sparks
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