Honoring WWII Heroes…Oldest Living Medal of Honor Recipient Dies…gets final salute from local 1st responder…

by | Oct 5, 2013

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Posted date: October 5, 2013  

Oldest living Medal of Honor recipient 96 dies…local 1st responder gives final salute…  Click for video clip of Mr. Oresko…quote from this website…

“A TRIBUTE: Nicholas Oresko, the nation’s oldest living Medal of Honor recipient at 96, died tonight at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. Scott McNiff, a Westwood police officer, was among the last to see him. This is his account of that visit, as told to CLIFFVIEW PILOT Publisher/Editor Jerry DeMarco.
Just hours ago, a group of soldiers, police officers, state troopers and others stood in a circle, holding hands, beside the bedside of our nation’s oldest living Medal of Honor recipient.”
While the self serving politicians take the WWII memorial as hostage during the government shutdown, I prefer to be reminded of why we are all free on this day…  My father, a US Navy WWII combat veteran, would have been 95 this year if he were still around.  Not very many WWII veterans and immediate loved ones are with us today, including Mr. Oresko.  There are still many who are still here and receive assistance from the Honor Flight non-profit organization to visit their memorials in Washington D.C.  It makes me and countless Americans angry to observe how our WWII heroes have been treated this past week while visiting our nation’s capitol.  Thanks to a peaceful civil disobedience demonstration, the WWII Memorial stayed open to welcome those who protected our freedoms so long ago.  For these old timers who served America with pride and honor, this visit of a lifetime helps them revisit the painful memories of WWII and have some peace of mind for just a little while at the end of their lives. 

The political theater of America at the moment is shameful to me, especially as we honor the veterans of all wars.  Politics among warriors in the fight right now or in past wars does not exist.  There isn’t anything partisan about watching your battle buddy’s back while in the line of fire at sea or on land.  So many of the politicians would think differently if they knew something about war and the lifelong emotional pain of life after war.  Clearly, most of these guys and gals who shutdown our monuments and memorials are not thinking at all.  On this day, I am madder than hell!  On this day, I put my toe in the water and take a stand on how wrong it is for politics to hold hostage our sacred monuments and memorials, especially the veterans of all wars…  On this day, I am embarrassed for America in very much of a non-partisan heartfelt way.  On this day and at this moment, I wish the US Congress would grow up and start acting like responsible and respectful adults!  On this day, I love America but feel ashamed of the divisive and less than patriotic politics…
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