Honering Military Spouses of All Wars…

by | Sep 4, 2012

http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,520898,00.html  Quote from this website…

“They are the men and women who stand silently behind our soldiers, sacrificing daily for our freedom and security. From raising children on their own to fearing for their spouses’ safety, being married to a member of the Armed Forces is full of challenges. However, as every military spouse will tell you, it is also full of rewards. Serving our country is an honor, and the community of military families supports each other like none other.”

The above link and article written by Connie Campbell from Fox News, is a great story honoring military spouses. I write about my Mom’s experience before, during and after WWII and the Korean War.   She faced great challenges raising our family and caring for her husband, Vernon H. Sparks, BMC, U.S. Navy, while he struggled with PTSD & moral injury from 66 months of continuous combat duty.

In the photo below my 94 year young Mom, Marcella, was making a new friend and visiting with daughter, Laura. We are happy she is hanging in there like a champ and enjoying her time in the spotlight. Judy and I will be down for a visit in less than two weeks. This old gal has seen a lot in her day from growing up in the Depression years in St. Paul, Minnesota to being a single mother waiting for Dad during all of WWII and the Korean War…then keeping us all together in life after war…she served too…

Steve Sparks,
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

From the right, Marcella C. Sparks, Scarlett, and Laura Burkett Sparks

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