Home Again! Living Our Dreams Again…

by | Jun 24, 2022

Home Again! Sun City Festival, Arizona
Monsoons bring rain, thunder & lightning to the Sonora…

Living, not dying in place…

“Older adults who focus on what they can do and find rewarding, rather than any decline in abilities, are happier. According to a study in The Gerontologist, accepting aging and adapting to age-related changes is vital to successful aging and well-being.”

“Here Comes the Sun!”

Some folks ask us, “why move to the hot desert?”

“Because we desire a life of living our dreams,” we say to them, more often than not.

Sometimes the statement, “we’ll die here,” doesn’t work because we are hanging around longer than ever, it seems. Hanging around longer is about being happy and healthy. That dynamic often changes with aging and financial needs.

Everything started changing for us about 3-4 years ago. Covid changed everything. That made us look at everything differently.

The gift of a new grandson was highly motivating in making big life changes in order to be near our family. The warmer weather for most of the year in Arizona was a big attraction, especially for me as arthritis became debilitating and painful.

The amenities in a 55+ community here in Sun City Festival is very appealing to us. I can walk again, and maybe get back to some golf soon. Swimming every day at the rec center makes me smile, and helps me get back on top my game again.

Community of kindred spirits…

We enjoyed many years of community engagement on the coast, and in making close friends we will always be connected to. Things started to change dramatically in recent years, especially since Covid. Most folks returned to the silos of the past for good, I believe.

As I tried to find my way again, in a community that lost its way, my path forward seemed to reveal less welcoming faces, who didn’t smile at me anymore. It was apparent us “grays” were left behind, it appeared to me.

Smiles and laughter have returned to our lives again in Sun City Festival. The neighborhood welcoming party greeted us with open arms and smiles that never end.

Health & wellness…

In every decision to change up your game, a healthy lifestyle must be #1, most agree. In recent years, my health started to go in reverse gear at every turn.

After several years of too many visits to various docs to fix my ills, and therapy to heal my mind, it was time to find a better way. Living on the coast became a threat to my health in so many ways that caused me to seek a dramatic new direction to save my life.

It became clear to me, and Judy too,q that being closer to our family and new grandson was paramount to our decision-making. This along with a far more healing climate in Arizona made the decision for us.

We are here now, finally, after a long jjourney that tested our hearts, souls and sore bodies. We are better for this experience, we believe. Was it worth it? Yes, indeed. We rest now. We can live out our dreams again, as we’ve always done.

Change is often tough to contemplate, no matter your age or circumstances. All of the changes we have made over these many years have been blessings we didn’t see at first.

Go with your hearts and souls, listen to the Universe. You will be amazed at all the welcoming smiles, kindness and love on the other side.

Rain, thunder ‘n lightning in Sun City Festival, Arizona
Moving in on a hot day in Sun City Festival…

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